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Take advantage of our latest offer from Tuesday 21st August.

We’re now offering all our customers the chance to top-up their account. For convenience, you can choose £10, £20, £50 or £100 to add sunbed minutes to your account, saving the need for payment when you come in for future sessions.



Terms and Conditions apply as below:

  • Minutes purchased must be used within 90 days.
  • Minutes can only be used by the purchaser / person it was purchased for
  • Person must be registered to use purchased minutes
  • Minutes are not transferable between different salons
August 21, 2018 News, Product News, Salon News, Special Offers
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  1. Hi, can u please tell me , if I wanted to top up how many minutes do u get for £10 etc ?

    • Hi, it depends on which salon you visit as the prices vary slightly. So for a £10 top-up, you’d get £10 worth of minutes at whatever the current price is. For example, if it’s 50p per minute then you’d get 20 minutes.
      Hope that helps.

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