Welcome to Lextan Neath

Great to see you. Please find salon information below and if you have any questions, just ask our helpful staff. Enjoy!

  1. Sunbed Prices
    Session Minutes Price
    5 £2.50
    6 £3.00
    7 £3.50
    8 £4.00
    9 £4.50
    10 £5.00
    11 £5.50
    12 £6.00
    13 £6.50
    14 £7.00
    15 £7.50
    16 £8.00
    17 £8.50
    18 £9.00

  2. Not visited Lextan before?

    Hi! If you’re new to Lextan, thanks for calling.

    Before you can use our professional sunbeds, you’ll need to complete a quick induction and registration on our computer system. This only takes a minute with one of our staff. We’ll also show you how to use all the great features of our luxury sunbeds.

    We operate a queue system so please let the member of staff know you’re here and then you’ll be called when ready.


  3. Sunbeds available

    We have 8 Ergoline lie-down sunbeds in this salon.

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    We’d love to hear how your visit was if you can spare a minute to complete a simple online survey? Just click on the link below. Thanks.

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