Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

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    How much do you charge?

    Our prices can vary depending on the salon you’re visiting. Please check the salons page where you can find all our salons listed – you can then visit a particular salon page to see full details, including the current price per minute.

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    What are you opening times?

    Please check our salons page where you can find all our salons listed – visit the particular salon page to find all the details of that location including opening times. Bank holidays opening times will usually be advertised on the home page well in advance.

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    How many beds do you have?

    Each salon varies so please check the salons page and find the particular salon you’re thinking of visiting. Each salon page has full details including the number of sunbeds available.

Tanning Questions

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    How long can I go on a sunbed for?

    This depends on your skin type and the answers to some basic health questions. We’ll ensure you’re ok to use our sunbeds during the salon induction process and recommend how many minutes is sensible for you to start with.

    The maximum session time allowed in all our salons is 18 minutes.

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    I've been using sunbeds for a while but my tan seems to stay the same?

    If you’re a regular tanning user and want to enhance your colour further, try using our professional tanning lotions. We have a selection, ranging from start creams up to ‘tingle’ lotions for advanced tanners. Ask our staff for advice next time you come in.

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    How often can I use the sunbeds?

    We never recommend using a sunbed twice in any 24 hour period as the tanning process can continue for up to 24 hours.