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Step by Step Guide to Your First Lextan Visit

A dark hair woman serving a blonde haired woman at a lextan shop

Step 1)

Sign The Queue Sheet

Arrive at the salon and sign in using the queue sheet on the reception desk.

This guarantees your place if there is a queue.

What To Expect

Step 2)

Register Your Account

On your first visit, you’ll need to register for an account by providing some personal details and answering some health questions. Our friendly staff will guide you through the process.

You’ll also need to provide valid photo ID if you’re lucky enough to look under 25.

What To Expect

Step 3)

Choose Your Minutes

When a sunbed is available, our staff will assess your skin tone using the Fitzpatrick skin chart and help you decide how many minutes to have. You can choose whether to use a lie down or a stand-up bed.

We’ll also offer you an induction so you can familiarise yourself with the technology, but you can skip this if you don’t want to.

What To Expect

Step 4)

Choose Your Add-Ons

Our staff will also advise you on any products and creams to help you get the most from your session.

Eye protection is available at the desk and is always free of charge.

What To Expect

Step 5)

Enjoy Your Sunbed

Enter the sunbed room, undress and get your cream on. Wipe the bed using the blue roll and spray provided.

The sunbed will start automatically, or if you’re ready kick start it by pressing the switch on the wall.

Relax and enjoy.

Dark haired woman cleaning a sunbed

Step 6)

Clean Your Bed

When your time is up the sunbed will turn off automatically. Get dressed and once again clean the bed with the spray and blue roll. Pop the roll in the bin located in the main salon area.

You’re done – see you again soon.


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