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About Us

Why Lextan?

At Lextan, we combine our tanning expertise with advanced tube technology and specially developed tanning supplements and accessories, to get you your best tan yet.

You know what you get at Lextan. Great people. Great tan. Great times.

Our expertise and can be enthusiasm to improve the world of sunless tanning can be summed up with our four tan values:

About Us

1. Quality

Get ready for your best tan yet.

Our state-of-the-art sunbeds and bespoke UV tubes are the ultimate combo to help you reach your perfect tan. Whether you’re after a subtle golden glow or deep dark tan, at Lextan we’ll help you to achieve it and maintain it safely and effortlessly.

A muscular man on a sunbed

2. Class

We don’t settle for less.

At Lextan, we’re constantly innovating. Striving for the very best. After all, we’re tanning experts for a reason. Our beds are regularly maintained, our tubes are rigorously tested and routinely replaced, and our salons are always manned with our expertly trained staff.

A dark hair woman serving a blonde haired woman at a lextan shop

3. Community

We understand that it’s not just a tan.

It’s a 15-minute holiday. An escape to the sun. A time to switch off. A time to socialise. Our Lextanners are our community and will always be the very heart of what we do. Our salons bring people and communities together.

A blonde woman sat on a towel at the beach wearing a floral swim suit

4. Consistency

You know what you get at Lextan.

We like to keep things simple. No fuss or frills. It’s uncomplicated. Effortless. An opportunity for sun, and sometimes for solace. Our clean, simple spaces allow our customer to switch on their beds and switch off their minds.

It’s not just a tan. It’s a Lextan.

We get it. It’s about confidence. Being the best you.

That’s why we strive to bring the best to the world of tanning. We stay one step ahead of the trends and think outside of the box constantly questioning, challenging and changing to make sure we do big things.

About Us

The Experts Since 2006

Our first salon opened in Aberdare, South Wales. Now with 20 Wales-based salons and an exciting expansion across the border into England on the (near!) horizon, we pride ourselves on our expertise and understanding of sunbed tanning, putting our stamp on the industry and on each of our salons, too.

About Us

We take tanning seriously. Our standards are high

Not only when it comes to our technology. We’ve developed a range of tanning extras to help you maintain and develop your tan from the inside out.

You can be confident you’ll get the tan of your life.

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